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The Modern Townhome is a Loft up to the Sky
The white stucco cantilever off the second and third floor, the gray brick, and the prominent glass?these are the stamps of urbanization now firmly branded into Dallas architecture because of Miro Townhomes (architect, Ron Wommack, AIA, client/general contractor Alan McDonald, Parkwood Development... [more]

An Americanization of Bauhaus Architecture
Space?not mass?defines the design concept behind the geometric glass and white stucco on the new home construction just completed this year, in fact, the first AxXium custom home built south of LBJ. Circles, triangles, and rectangular windows impart a whimsical look to the front fa?ade. Yet... [more]

When Home Design Becomes a Legacy
Louise and Edmund Kahn lived by the motto that every person?s duty is to leave the world a better place than the way they found it. Their own philanthropy and community service reshaped the Dallas social and architectural profile, for example, the creation of the Dallas County Community College... [more]

Urban Hill Country Home
The Urban Hill/Country home that Dan Shipley, AIA, designed and Steve McCombs built for Stan Shipley (Dan?s brother), Stan?s wife Cindy, and their three children, gets its style from the American rural communities. ?Usually, when someone talks about hill country style, they imagine buildings... [more]

Comp USA's Digital Living Center is a One-Stop Shop for the Smart Home
CompUSA?s new Digital Living Center, which just opened inside the CompUSA store at 721 North Central Expressway (I-75 and Plano Parkway), is the first-ever one-stop shop for the smart home. Not only does the showroom display the latest home gadgetry to see and touch, design consultants are available... [more]

Designing a Home for a Rock & Roll Band or What to Do When Your Kids go off to College
When Abbey heads off to Colorado State University this semester, she will be the last of nine children in the combined family of Patricia Magadini, AIA and Randy Johnston to leave the nest. In this case, the ?nest? is a remodeled 1972 modern split-level in a hilly section of north Dallas. And... [more]

Contemporary Prairie Style Home
The new contemporary prairie home at the corner of Mason Dells and St. Michaels not only pleases its homeowners, it also complements the neighborhood, an area of rolling hills and trees dominated by mid-century ranch-style homes with a smattering of other architectural styles. ?This is a home... [more]

Designing Accessibility into the Home
Deep in a tangled forest lot, a 1925 English cottage-style house juts out over a rocky gorge where a small brook flows far below. And while water dams up behind an embankment of boulders and then spills over and streams circuitously in the low lying creek bed, high up on the property plateau... [more]

Working with an Architect for Home Design
Architects recently geared up a national advertising campaign to enhance the image of the architect as a valuable partner in the creation of architecture. Sponsored by the American Institute of Architects (A.I.A.), the campaign, which is now in its second year, also expects to increase public appreciation... [more]

Texas Tudor Style Cottage
American flags wave all summer long on the backyard deck of the 1926 Tudor style cottage that is home to Rebecca and Harry Chapman and their Yorkshire terrier, Sweetie. ?I really need two houses,? Rebecca said. ?The Tudor style house?English theme. And I need a farmhouse. But I only... [more]

Computers in Home Decor
Computers are creating a revolution in home decoration and furnishings, but on a modest scale compared to the advances of the computer itself . Manufacturers of home furnishings are turning to new (and variations on old) ideas to create user friendly computer work stations capable of being converted... [more]

The English Country Home
White washed brick and leaded glass suit the countenance of an English country home whether nestled among the wind-swept hills north of London or, as in the present situation, sprawled over the gentle slopes of Lorraine in Highland Park. Built in 1934, the original house boasts a heavy wood front... [more]

Filling an Indoor Swimming Pool makes a Great Room for Entertaining
Nobody in the Robert and Jan Crandall household walks on the white carpeting in the dining room behind the foyer screen. For white carpet outlines the area where a pool of water once stood under the dining room marble floor. ?My traffic pattern?I will always walk around that water,? said... [more]

Building onto a Small Home
Virginia creeper and wisteria overgrow the privet and probably will kill the shrub someday. In another corner of the grassy, wooded plot surrounding the home of Lisa and Mark Domiteaux, A.I.A. with Domiteaux + Howard Associates, Inc., a soapberry tree holds up the weight of encroaching vinery inching... [more]

When Remodeling is an Evolution of the Home
Remodeling?the latest project, completed just in time for the third annual Homes for the Holidays benefiting Armstrong and Bradfield Elementary Schools?keeps this 1940 traditional home as contemporary as the New Year and abreast of the needs of the Dwight and Claire Emanuelson family, who bought... [more]

Roaring 20's Architecture
Cheryl and Donald Hoogland fell madly in love with 1920?s architecture. But it took longer for Cheryl to embrace the old fashioned interiors popular in those days. Then, turning to her education in interior design and an inbred resourcefulness from her mother, Cheryl and her husband created an... [more]

The House by the Pond
While hiking through a forest, you come upon a tiny brook. So you stop in your tracks to gaze at the stream and listen to its soft ripple. ?I?m not sure what it is about water that causes us to do that but I think it?s fairly universal, particularly in a semi-arid place like Dallas,? said... [more]

Grand Pianos in the Home
If a grand piano is in your home decorating plans, then you join a growing number of people tuning up to grands. That's the consensus nation-wide as Yamaha in California spotlights a wide range of decorator and Diskavier pianos, as Story and Clark Piano in Pennsylvania builds a new line of... [more]

Contemporary 1950's Home
?Fun,? in a nutshell, sums up the whimsical nature of the 1950?s and 1960?s modern design that homeowner, graphics designer Carlos Cardoza, has modeled into his low-slung home built in 1954 by Gordon Nichols. And as much as Cardoza remained authentic to established modern concepts, he also stayed... [more]

Scaling Down the Home for Empty Nesters
In the next few hours, Blake Settle will leave his parents home in Caruth Homeplace to begin his first job in Lubbock, Texas, marking yet another stage in the emptying nest of the Karen and Jay Settle family household. Naturally, Karen and Jay have scaled down their home?by about 2000 square... [more]

The Home Designed for Entertaining
What features make a home perfect for entertaining? The answers begin with hospitality at the open front door. You come into a nice foyer and move to the living room and then back to the den and through the den into the breakfast room, the kitchen, and the dining room, says agent Corrine... [more]

Building a Contemporary Home that is Timeless
Near the corner of Mockingbird Lane and Chapel Hill Road is a new home that?s stopping traffic. Neighbors who walk through it come out inspired by its design, the work of architect Cliff Welch, A.I.A. and interior designer, Tina Syring. Just as unique is the home?s conception?a letter written... [more]

Contemporary Design from the Top
In addition to having eyes for his wife, James Manning A.I.A. at Good, Fulton, Farrell, keeps a keen eye on the house he designed and built in 1984?a contemporary glass and interior brick study in down sloping?the idea that you enter on the second floor and go down into it. ?It?s very... [more]

Digital Living Center is a new way of shopping for the smart home
CompUSA?s new Digital Living Center, which just opened inside the CompUSA store at 721 North Central Expressway (I-75 and Plano Parkway), is the first-ever one-stop shop for the smart home. Not only does the showroom display the latest home gadgetry to see and touch, design consultants are available... [more]

Federal Style Homes
Federal Style houses are hard to find in the Dallas area. Recently, however, at the Third Annual Preservation Dallas Achievement Awards, an award for ?Residential New Construction in a Historical Context,? went to the home of Jim and Barbara Carreker?a Federal Style home on Baltimore. The house... [more]

Contemporary home with the panorama of a London Townhome
Like a London townhouse with a beautiful view of the park?that?s how Rosemary Heard describes the new contemporary home that she and her husband Dennis just moved into overlooking Flippen Park. ?It all started with the site,? said Lionel Morrison, AIA, the architect who designed the home... [more]

Spacious living in a quartet home complex
Behind a bustling Travis Street along the east side of the Katy Trail, a gate opens on a courtyard lined with young magnolia trees. A footpath of concrete rectangular slabs courses ahead over smooth stones scattered around a water fountain constructed from two sheets of rusted steel (COR-TEN) and... [more]

Outdoor water features add to a home's sense of shelter
To open a window and hear the sound of water running outside adds a sense of shelter to your house, i.e., what a house is supposed to be, according to Kevin Sloan, landscape architect and architect, AIA, with the Hillier Group. Water features, as such, offer tremendous expressive potential... [more]

French Doors
French doors have opened up a new vista of design inside the country French chateau of Paula and Bob Fleming, who live with their three young daughters, Vivaldi their cat, and Spartacus, their three year-old komondor. Since the summer of 1997 when the Flemings moved to the 3200 block of Dartmouth... [more]

New Home Building Process
Lots of new construction dwellings doting the neighborhoods are attracting many homebuyers. But often, these homebuyers don?t understand the details in new home building or how they can participate effectively in building the home of their dreams. ?Most people walk into a room, and they... [more]

Crossover Decor from Business to the Home
The 11th annual exhibit of the American Institutes of Architects (A.I.A.) Dallas on display at NorthPark Mall was a chance to see a wealth of local, national, and international building projects by 50 Dallas architecture firms. Along with major public and business/education construction exhibits... [more]

Feng Shui Interiors
Feng shui translates literally into ?wind and water,? according to interior designer, Jami Lin, who specializes in feng shui. While in Dallas attending the Dallas Super Market held in June at the Dallas Market Center, Lin spoke about feng shui as the ancient Chinese art of placement to promote... [more]

Color in the Home
Gold?a golden glow is the most popular ambiance parading the covers of home and interior design publications, today. Almost everybody wants yellow walls right now, says Sherry Hayslip, A.S.I.D., IIDA, who is celebrating 25 years as Hayslip Design Associates. But is gold right for your home... [more]

Home Audio
Stereo is the most successful audio play back format in history, by far, while multi-channel systems have come and gone and loom on the horizon. Today, stereo embraces home audio with custom fitted sound systems for the optimum psycho-acoustical experience in music listening or for background... [more]

Interior Designers
The Texas Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) recently initiated a new era for interior design in the State of Texas by offering Continuing Education Program Hours (CEPH) at their annual 2001 meeting. Effective September 1, 2001, all interior designers must complete... [more]

Murals in the Home
Artist Jer Giles paints Big Tex about every three years for the State Fair of Texas. Between those years, he touches up?for instance Big Tex? boots this year. And between Texas State Fairs, for the past 20 years, Giles creates murals and decorative finishes?from the subliminal to the sublime to... [more]

Entering the housing market is a new breed of residential lofts?conceptualized and built to achieve the ambiance of a loft but without carrying historical architectural perspective. ?The reason I like this (loft) is I wanted contemporary, loft living. But I wanted it new. So, this gave... [more]

Smart House
It?s Halloween. You?re at a party. The lights slowly dim, and you begin to think the house is haunted. More likely?the house is equipped with programmable lighting systems. ?We have one system where the people programmed the lights to dim gradually at a certain time in the living room... [more]

Reconfiguring Interior Space
Reconfiguring interior space helps keep a house looking fresh, vital, and up to date with family needs and changing styles. For example, let?s visit the home of interior designer, Cheryl Van Duyne, A.S.I.D. The baby pictures lining the hallway of the 1988, three-bedroom, five-level... [more]

The Spiral Staircase
Spiral staircases were invented in medieval castles, so the story goes, for protection. When enemy soldiers tried to enter the castles, they would be ambushed on the spiral staircases, where they would find it impossible to stab anyone from above. In turn, they became easy victims for the soldiers... [more]

Steel Frame Homes
One of the first steel frame homes?built in 1928?stands today, a testament to the durability of steel framing, according to Tri-Steel Structures, Inc. owner, David Brown. Steel-framed houses have withstood the winds of hurricanes and the forces of earthquakes. In fact, steel framing was once... [more]

Latest in Swimming Pools
Summertime and the swimming is easy especially in a new or remodeled swimming pool?a pool that complements your style of living and your landscape. Add waterfalls, a bench, and your garden becomes a personal oasis?a pleasure in Feng shui, the latest trend in landscaping a swimming pool. ... [more]

Blacksmithing is enjoying a renaissance of sorts. Along with increased demand for opulent metal artwork on the home, a new breed of blacksmiths is emerging. Some people might call them decorative artists except that these smiths relish the romance of blacksmithing?the chorus hammering on the anvil... [more]

What makes a Home for Entertaining?
What features make a home perfect for entertaining? The answers begin with hospitality at the open front door. You come into a nice foyer and move to the living room and then back to the den and through the den into the breakfast room, the kitchen, and the dining room, says agent Corrine... [more]

Prairie Style Home
The Prairie Style home is considered America?s first native born architecture, according to Kevin Moran, A.I.A., who has become an authority on the subject since he and his wife Jenette bought their Prairie home 21 years ago. Originally, Prairie design began around 1897 in Chicago with the teachings... [more]

Pruning Trees
The shade of the old oak tree comes under the scrutiny of arborist, Sam Hill of Partners Tree Care, who cringes when he drives around so many Dallas neighborhoods with obviously over pruned trees. ?There are a couple of different ways you can over prune a tree,? Hill said. ?But the most... [more]

Putting Custom into Building Moderate Price Homes
Zachary Custom Builders wants to put the custom back into the $350-to-$500 thousand dollar custom patio home market?a price range targeted today by production homebuilders. Question is?can they build such a house in North Dallas and the Park Cities? ?We?re considered to be... [more]

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