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Sunlight's Impact on Architecture and Health
It?s hard to believe, but many of us don?t get enough sunlight. In fact, we spend 99% of our day indoors, according to the American Lung Association. So, experts are now considering how architecture can enhance the indoor-outdoor connections. Phillip Mead, AIA, recently came from the... [more]

Landscape Illumination Aids Crime Prevention
Holiday decorations that light up the landscape provide homeowners with some residual crime prevention. By attracting the attention of people passing in the street, holiday lighting increases the risk for would-be offenders to be seen in the act of committing a crime. In essence, the home... [more]

Making a Home for Special Needs Children
A House for All Children (by Richard Olsen, Lynn Hutchings, and Ezra Ehrenkrantz, with the Center for Architecture and Building Science Research) came to the attention of the Texas Chapter ASID, 2002 Annual CEPH Event when Karen Pemberton CCRN and Dr. Nancy Hitzfelder, Medical Director, (both from... [more]

Foundation Problems
Foundation failure can strike a home at any time?even a new house under construction, according to Alan Ardoin, co-owner of Ace Foundation, which has been repairing foundations since 1956. The leading cause of such foundation problems is the heavy clay content of the soil in this area. ?The... [more]

Forming an Historic District of Tudor Homes
Hollywood Heights?unless you know where it is, you?ll never find this neighborhood conservation district hidden between the Santa Fe Railroad, East Grand Avenue, and Valencia Avenue. But, if you go south on Abrams, then east on La Vista and continue southeast on Brookside, you cross a stone bridge... [more]

The Right Foundation Turned a Rugged Plot into an Environmental Friendly Home
Impossible?thought the five potential homeowners who bought and then sold the half-acre lot on the steep hill at the bend of the Royal Branch of the White Rock Creek. All those deed restrictions?an additional 20 foot setback imposed by the Dallas City Council on top the 100-year flood plane plus... [more]

Environmental Friendly Homes
Enviro Custom Homes says it all?a house that?s uniquely adapted to its surroundings, that?s part and partial to the homeowners? souls, and that conserves earth?s natural resources. ?Considering that this is the only planet that we have, our objective is to produce a system that will allow... [more]

Insulation and Attic Ventilation
In an effort to get a handle on the mold issue plaguing our homes, building experts are taking a long and close look at home ventilation systems. ?It appears to me that in the area of building science, the zeal for more energy efficient buildings recognized the need for air tightness while... [more]

Termites are not all bad?after all. If it were not for termites, the earth would be totally different, according to Roger Gold Ph.D., Professor and Endowed Chair, Department of Entomology, Texas A & M University. Imagine how messy the earth would be if we couldn?t get rid of old trees and... [more]

Problems with Dust Mites?
Dust mites live in our homes, share the dark recesses of our bedding, carpeting, and upholstery, and feed on the dead skin scales and dander we shed. These tiny eight legged cousins to ticks and spiders take about one month to grow from egg to adult and then live an additional one to three... [more]

Air Conditioning for The Home
The news in air conditioners lies behind the cool air and electric bills. It?s in the maintenance of good air quality because air conditioning provides the best filtration of the air you breath inside your home, according to Vicki Chase, marketing director of Frymire, a company owned and operated... [more]

Candles Burning
Trailing behind the popularity in burning scented candles is an ominous cloud of soot, dust, and ghosting (dark shadows) on wall surfaces, carpets, heating and air conditioning filters, blinds, drapes, television screens, and computer monitors. According to the latest evidence in this hotly contested... [more]

HEPA Filters and Vacuum Cleaners
Is your home infested with microscopic dust? I?m referring to particles smaller than human hair, which measures a whopping 60 to 90 micrometers (formerly microns). For instance, mold begins at 4 micrometers; bacteria range from 0.3 to 50 micrometers; and pollen is between10 and 40 micrometers... [more]

Problems with Mold
Black mold, in particular Stachybotrys, has been blamed for a number of health problems and has aroused heated controversy over homeowner mold insurance policies. In the wake of a nine-fold increase in the cost of claims in just one year, State Insurance Commissioner Jose Montemayor, recently issued... [more]

Aging in the Home
Barrier free home environments enable the independence of elderly people by helping to keep them living in a residential setting for a longer time. So, as homeowners consider downsizing their present dwellings, they might want to think about an architectural design strategy that will support them... [more]

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